Gen 4 Release Date!

When will it come? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Only a few people in the world know…

And I bet Go Hub also knows.

I think that by Monday I will have information.
But GO hub will probably beat me :joy::crossed_fingers:.


But SOMETHING is coming.


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Is this even official and authorised by either niantic, nintendo or pokemon company twitter account? Gen 4 probably like any other gen before wont drop until late autumn or even winter. Just be patient and power up the right candidates

Power up what?

Well theres ton of pokemon that will get new evos in gen4, right? So instead of predicting when it will happen, why not be ready when it happens

Power-up things that might not even be that good because of movesets?

Gen 4 will not come before the ultra event ends is my guess.

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You got the point, but I do trust some guides and few pokemon looks reasonable enough to max out b4 gen4 drops. Piloswine, tangela, roselia, electabuzz, maybe even magmar

Electivire might not get Wild Charge, Tangrowth might not get Solar Beam
Powering them up before they come out is foolish, you dont lose out at all if you wait just a month or a few

I maxed out a high iv rhydon for rhyperior

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I maxed tangela and piloswine, have 98 electabuzz but 14 atk, so working on my eggy now in case Id get better one, roselia also waiting in line

Nice My

80 IV 10 Rhydon Squad is ready with a hundo as their ring-leader.

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I’m not powering up anything either. Just saving some lvl 25+. If by chance they get nice movesets, I’ll get them to lvl 30.
My guess is Gen IV by november or february. Sure hope november…the game’s will get a little stale after the mewtwo raid ends. There’s no gen III bosses left.

Perhaps we’ll see the first gen 4 Pokémon during a Halloween event? It wouldn’t come as a surprise here.

Glad Niantic is releasing gen 4 later :grin: