Gen 4 Pokemon Hunting

NOTE: I’m making this post way ahead of actual release. It may take months before any signs of gen 4 coming as of creating this post.
Following giant success of my first post (thanks!), im making another one! Rules same as before. Show your screens of your gen 4 mons’, and you can discuss about hunting on them!


Guys,look whats happening!

Yes, I have installed version 0.123.1, and now it appears.

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I suspect gen 4 will happen once mewtwo leaves the raid scene.

On your app?

I think that too.

October 24 is good time to start Gen 4. Also Halloween event should start October 25, so great time to be a player if both come to pass.

Caught Turtwig,Chimchar,Starly,Kricketot,Bidoof 33x and evolved it to Birabel,Buneary 6x and caught 1 Loppuny and evolved 1 Loppuny.

Anyone have the new evos?

I will on Saturday. Just posted 6th stamp this morning.

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Man that looks awesome!

Rhyperior looks awful. Like a Beast Wars Transformer.:face_vomiting:

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Lol @Elevatorisbest quit and we are still posting in this topic

Hello there

fyi yes i gave up on PoGo, still, wishing best of luck to this community

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Hi elevator why did you quit