Gen 4 fully evolved starters

How good will they be and which one are you lovely people most excited for? personally, I’m the most hyped for Infernape.

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Infernape will be a glass cannon
Torterra will be a Venusaur-like Pokémon, not dying too fast but not doing too much damage either
Empoleon will be decent, but not that great, as an attacker it will be outclassed by Metagross, Jirachi, Gyarados and many more as an attacker (including Dialga and Palkia, of course)

Didnt like them in the gameboy prob wont like them in Go.

I won’t know anything about these starters until my son tells me about them. The only reason I knew anything about Gen 3 is because we started Advanced cartoon before the game released them. Diamond and Pearl cartoon complete series on DVD is still over a year away. Not going to pick up the old releases piecemeal.

Are you aware of the fact that the gen 4 starters weren’t on the gameboy?


Gameboy Ds all same shit. You knew exactly what i meant.

Did you ever chose Chimchar?
By far the best fire type starter for ingame

I always choose fire. Always. Except yellow ofc ofc.


then what was your problem with Infernape? It blasts through most of the game

Fake blaziken.

You mean a better Blaziken

Yeh that😏