Gen 3 Pokémon not released yet

Most of the Gen 3 Pokémon are out, but we’re still missing a few!

  • Clamperl Family

  • Ninjask Family

Does anyone know why they are not out yet?

Due to the fact that they don’t have traditional evolutions I think. I’m not an expert on gen 3 but I think this is what the reason is.

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Spinda, probably because of the spots
Nincada, because not only would you get Shedinja for almost every evolution, but it would also keep dying
Clamperl, not sure why, maybe they are just too lazy to add the items?
Keckleon, because of its ability
And of course the mythicals and legendaries bar Weather trio

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Poor Smeargle, totally forgotten in this Gen 3 hurly-burly xD

He will probably come this easter. :slight_smile:

I heard Clampearl might be random

The game is not yet ready for a Pokemon to have 2 different evolution item options.

Lol. We already have gloom and slowpoke

And Poliwhirl
And technically Eevee as well

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And wurmple

You dont choose is evolution however
But yeah, if I would include Eevee I should include Wurmple as well

When Gen 4 comes out we’all have Gardivoir and Gallade


Also Shedinja has Wonder Guard, an ability that lets it take 0 damage from non SE attacks

That wouldnt make it difficult to code, you just have one item as a requirement for one evolution and another one for another evolution


Hopefully we see these soon :slight_smile:

They dont want people to complaine🤷🏾‍♂️ so they got left out

Wouldnt leaving them out actually make people complain?

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Less complaints from a mon that isn’t in the game than a broken mon.

No one complains about Smeargle🤷🏾‍♂️

Smeargle can be made with relative ease, just put in a quick Sketch and a charge sketch
quick would immediately teach smeargle the opposing Pokémon’s quick move, charge would teach it the charge move
Using TMs would teach him sketch again

And Clamperl family is easy to do as well