Gen 3 - Kyogre Raid Guide: counters, weather, CP values and how to catch

Isn’t this from ages ago and kyogre long gone?

Edit: oh wait… the water event

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Exactly, for this reason it’s actual again…

It’s more interesting why they made that ‘article’ before posting the Water event will coke back again🧐

I didn’t get it either until @Vineel poster that in an other topic.

The article is months old, so they just have to link it again. Not much work in it.

Ive already got 10 Kyogres who would be worth putting in stardust and candys. I hope i can expand that luck to the shiny version aswell.

Good luck…

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But still: I didn’t know the Water event will come back when I saw this, so I thought like ???.

Well, this will ruin my flukey catchrate!

That I guess is part of the problem with legendary raids. You kind of want legendaries to beat them. I guess my team will be Zapdos then a lot of Jolteon…