Gen 2 and 3 Pokemon that have not been released

What are the Pokemon in gen 3 and gen 2 that have not been released? I think someone is missing.

Here’s the list:

  • Smeargle

  • Nincada

  • Ninjask

  • Shedinja

  • Clamperl

  • Huntail

  • Gorebyss

  • Spinda

  • Kecleon

  • Regirock

  • Jirachi

  • Deoxys

  • Celebi (worldwide)

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Wait… I found it! Where is dusknoir???

Dusknoir is gen 4, isn’t it?

Gen 3 according to essential handbook… the one that EVERYONE uses

@bobbyjack8 does it say dusknoir is in gen 3 or hoeen in your sons essential handbook?

I found out that Dusknoir is gen 4 (#477 in the Pokédex). Even GO Hub says that.


Then the Pokemon book is wrong…:cry::cry::sob:

Was at GO Fest


Yeah someone should be there here for every 1 week
To think like this
This is what Pokemon hub is for UNFORTUNATELY very less to think about important topics and MANY fellows to oppose the important topics

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? What do you mean again?

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You asked right question :blush:


So you are saying this is an important topic? I’m honored!:blush:

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The majority of these have movepools
or abilities that are difficult to deal with in Pokémon go. Hopefully Niantic starts solving some of these issues instead of kicking the problem down the road. I think for some of these Niantic is making the release over complicated. Some are good candidates for research or special events. Others face a genuine challenge.

I think the number of unreleased Pokémon should give us some clue that Gen 4 is farther away than hype leads some to believe.

It is a good topic for discussion @Pokemon.


Thanks. Something else to think about is that Delibird came out after gen 3… they might not be working as hard as we think to get them released. I believe gen 3 will get a late august-september release. What about you, @Thorend


Besides Celebi, I think we will see 1-2 additional unreleased Pokémon drop prior to Gen 4. I think we may see something Gen 4 related in September.


What is your essential handbook lol


Dusknoir is introduced in generation 4 but has generation 3 pre-evolutions


For the last time, stop using that book


The majority of the pokemon not in game yet wouldn’t be used. Most are just for the dex. Not going to add much to actual anything other than just having them.