Gen 1 Pokemon GO Hub Database needs updating

I was looking through the new database for the Pokemon GO Hub, and I noticed that Gen 1 is still depicting the original stat spreads before the CP rework. Gens 2 through 4 are correct, but Gen 1 are still stuck in the pre-rework stats. It’s been roughly three weeks since the rework. Do we know when that will be updated?

I apologize if this may not be in the right place, but I was stuck on where to put it.


Hey, you did the right thing! At least I think you did.
If you want to notify someone, @apavlinovic is the great Zerohagen. He can do something about it.
I already notified him (just now), but for the future, If you see an issue you can also do it :smiley:.


Good to know. I had no idea where to go so thank you for the heads up.

EDIT: Ok, it seems that it’s only on the index portion where that is affected. Looking at each individual entry has the correct stat spread.