Gen 1 event now live, what do u think?

So the gen 1 event is now live, with double candies for catch and transfers, increased gen 1 spawns, arodactyl and snorlax raids and possibly shiny releases. I think it’s nice but I’m blown out of the water with it. It can help people get the gold kanto medal and other things with the mythical quests but nothing I felt I couldn’t deal with. Also shinies are nice but never get me to excited. But i just want to know what people think??

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I think the double candy is the best bit - with a pinap and transfer its 14 which is great for magikarp and wailmers etc I’ve never caught a wild shiny apart from community days so I am quite excited about that.

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I agree, I’ve just been grabbing Abras and Oddishes everywhere for the candy.

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Its good but if they release more shiny Pokémon it will be amazing.

Love it. My kids started playing only recently and this event is a great way for them to catch up with me.


It’s awesome just got to Gyarados and working on a second one a little bit more than halfway and too Machamp so far and evolved e the Charizard

It reminds me of the beginning of Pokémon GO, I found quite some old friends (hadn’t seen a Poliwag or a Staryu in months). But for some reasons I can’t seem to find a lot of trash Pokémon (a.k.a. “mass-evolve food”) like Pidgey or Weedle which would be great for candy/mass-evolve grinding.
The double candy and half buddy distance are nice, and I’ll try to get as much out of it as I can. There also seems to be double candy for hatching: I hatched a Porygon this morning and got > 50 candies.

But I haven’t seen any new shinies, nor have I read about any on twitter or elsewhere.

It’s an average event, but I usually enjoy every event, so I like it. And the sale boxes are great - so I can stock up on raid passes for Latias/Latios

It’s probably great for those still searching the ghosts for the Mew quest - Ghastly is everywhere currently!

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Ghastly is everywhere a d so is magikarp i mean got 100 candy since event started at 9 yesterday btw i in england

I caught 4 Ghastly and they are pretty rare where I live so this event really helps

Found ninetales and arbok so far. Pretty cool

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I like it so far because I still need more magikarp candy for the quests. I also need to boost my electabuzz, magmar, magnemite and charmander candy.

It’s been great so far, I found my first porygon 2 minutes into the event and have found my first two wild rapidash among a lot of other rare spawns for my biome

Both kids got their first Muk on a raid today. Of course I used my pass on another Latios that I wasn’t able to catch.

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It’s amazing! I’ve played since the start, but due to 2nd gen and 3rd gen I’m lacking good Pokemon. 1st gen Pokemon are still the strongest and I can’t wait to gather Eeevees with great stats(IV), Snorlax, well all the ones I lack, many of them. I don’t have Lapras nor Dragonite, but I have Tyranitar only due to raids.

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I’m running out of balls and pinaps quite rapidly. I seriously wish they had put more thought into the sales boxes, like, a Great Box with 20 balls of each type, 20 pinaps, 2 incense, 2 incubators, 2 lucky eggs and only 2 raid passes.


Awesome! When I play later I expect to at last get Golem and Alakazam due too a sudden increase in Abra and Geodude.

It’s ok, but doesn’t make me want to play more than usual…needs some shinies to make it more interesting.

I have started transferring the extra legendaries I have, so that’s something

I still have few gen 1 monsters kissing not any more getting keen later just need 10 more moms with berry then I have it

Now that it’s been live for some days I was wondering…
Some people said that there was increased stardust for catching evolved forms… But I don’t notice any change in stardust. I get 300 for stage 2 (Pidgeotto) and 500 for stage 3 (Pidgeot).
And - correct me if I’m wrong - that has been like that for quite some time now and has nothing to do with Kanto week.

So that increased stardust thing was just wrong information, right?

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Personally I love Pokemon and I’m all about Gen 1 as it brings back alot of memories of childhood. Loving the double candies and buddy distances being halved. The only issue I have found is finding fully evolved Pokemon i.e Venasaur and they all seem to have a very low CP like 150. Is anyone else having this problem?

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