Gen 1 and 2 Eeveelutions Raid Bosses

How easy are the 5 eeveelutions gonna be able to be soloed, since they are all gonna be T3 I suspect (except for Umbreon with that low max CP). This is mainly for Espeon and Umbreon because they are new to the raid boss scene. How easy are they gonna be able to solo?

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Umbreon will likely be a tier 3 as well no idea why not

Assuming umbreon is t3, it appears to only be soloable in cloudy weather.

Even without maxing out your Machamp, you have a chance to beat him, so a non-cloudy solo is possible but requires a full party of near-maxed out Machamp

Espeon is no problema

Shiny rates will be high.
I just want to raid a vaporeon

I thought you cannot get shiny evolutions from raids…?


You can, but on very rare occasions, like Gengar Day.

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