GBL Stardust reward

Have got many reports all around the community people got 100K stardust from GBL.
They were between rank 11 and 20.

Anyone from the lower ranks to report the 100k dust?

I got to level 11 and it was 100,000.

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I got to rank 7 and got 20k. Tbh I didn’t do pvp a lot last season except for great league and Kanto cup. I plan to do more this season.

I got the 100K and was only Rank 7

Rank 9: 50K

I really could’ve played it a bit more lol, but then again I detest GBL so much that I don’t even know if the 50k extra would’ve been worth it

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I haven’t opened the GBL in days and I have nothing to claim. It just refreshed itself I guess. Probably because I was too low ranked as I am not much of a fan of the GBL system.

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Me: Rank 17 - 100,000 dust
Mrs c.: Rank 1 - 7500 dust

Didn’t know it was 100k so didn’t use a star piece. Won’t be playing again unless forced to by tasks.

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Same, I don’t bother with PvP unless Tasks/Quests require it.
Large Dust or unique Pokémon rewards don’t inspire me to change my mind on participating either. It’s a part of the game I just can’t get into.