Gaps where the names of battle moves should be - bug

I can’t find a mention of it… but is anyone else blighted by this annoying bug?

It makes it much harder to work out whether you should keep a critter or send it off to the prof - when you can’t see what moves it has. As for TMs… they are even more of a lottery than usual!

Does anyone know if there’s a workaround? Should I just delete and re-install the entire game and hope the problem disappears?

Yeah do that, and also clear the cache.
But with all the bugs in the game right now I’m not sure if it will work

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Thanks for trying to help Pokemon:grinning:
I deleted the app and reinstalled but the problem is still there😩
I’ve contacted Niantic support but not holding out much hope… at least until the next update of the game :crossed_fingers:

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If you have any questions on which pokemon too keep or not, we can tell you what moves are better, ( the specific move damage is the same for all pokemon, same with the energy per second)!

So feel free to ask me and others
I’ll be glad to help : D and remember that moves don’t matter on pre evolved pokemon :wink:

Weird way to fix bug: if you are calling someone(doesnt matter if its mobile, whatsapp or whatever) the moves are back

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My move names came back with the latest version update last night.
Perhaps Niantic does pay attention to those bug reports after all?:man_shrugging::wink:

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