Game will not stay connected unless connected to WIFI

I use an iPhone X.
If I’m on WIFI, it runs smoothly, no problems. If I’m not on WiFi during start up it will say “unable to login,” with the options “retry” or “try a different login.” Neither of which do anything.
If I’m on WiFi and turn it off mid game it will stop working and give me a red banner at the top saying “no internet connection (10)”

I’ve tried redownloading the app, I’ve tried logging in different ways. I’ve checked to see if the app permissions were all good to go in the iPhone and PG app settings (so far).
Very frustrating bug, it’s not really Pokémon go if I can’t play it on the go.

Oh, I have the same issue I have to log out, then it works when I log back in.

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I’ve tried logging in and out, nothing changes. Only works on WiFi still.

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I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and it worked… try that.

Try checking the WiFi to Mobile Data (Hand-over) Settings. You can try with WiFi first then, Go out and see if the Mobile Data connection will catch up and continue the game.

Yeah, but he has mobile data, right?

The game needs permanent internet access… you need a connection to the internet to play the game. So when you drop the wifi connection the game breaks.
You need to have wifi and/or mobile data service. Without one or both of those, you can´t play.

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You need mobile data, but WiFi is not a necessity (although very useful)

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