Game Mechanics in Pokemon Go Survey

Hello all. I am a researcher looking into game mechanics utilized in games (specifically in Pokemon Go, amongst a few other games). I need survey participants for this survey which will test you on your perception of certain game mechanics in Pokemon Go. I cannot say more because your increased awareness on the subject of the survey may influence your answers so please refrain from reading any discussions about the survey until you are finished the survey (if you choose to do it). Thanks!

By participating in this study, you are agreeing to provide honest answers. Any response provided by you will be anonymized so that no one else can identify the entry as yours. This information may be published in a research paper.

This survey provides an optional demographic section which asks for gender, age, country, profession, education, and income. These are optional questions which can be skipped by choosing the option of “Prefer not to answer”.

Qualtrics Survey

I started doing the Survey but abandoned it when I got to the questions about Dark Game Patterns.
The reference quotes didn’t make sense to me in relation to the Pokémon Go so couldn’t answer the questions honestly.

I think it is a good survey. Filled it in, though I don’t think dark game design is a big part of Pokemon go.

One part that you missed though is FOMO Feeling Of Missing Out, like some people felt with the shiny Mew event. To be fair I am not bothered by it, because I don’t feel like I missed out because I consider shiny mew just as a cosmetic feature, and doesn’t add a huge advantage in raids or pvp over those who didn’t purchase it.

I thought it was an ok survey until the Dark bit then it just lost me.

The reference quotes are there to show you what the author’s definition of dark game design patterns are. The second quote is to show you that even the author admits that determining whether these game mechanics can be considered ‘dark’ is still up for debate. The questions about dark game design patterns is simply up to your opinion. We want to know what you’re perspective of these game mechanics are.

That’s very interesting. I’d say that if you expanded playing by appointment, that it could potentially encompass FOMO. However, now that I know about FOMO, I’d honestly say that I’d probably put it on it’s own category if I were ever to do another survey like this again. Many of the game mechanics you see in the survey are actually from a taxonomy proposed way back in 2013. Obviously, there needs to be an update to the taxonomy (but nobodies gotten up to the task as far as I know).

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Taxonomy… is that an economy where everybody’s income and spending are in the form of taxes?

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I feel like all my income goes towards taxes

Taxonomy is the area that names animals (or in this case other terms)

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Apologies for my weak effort at humor. Thanks for giving a definition, though.