Game lock whilst feeding berries

Since the last update if I attempt to feed berries to a gymed mon it seems to lock the screen after the second berry - the sounds are still there and mucking around on the screen seems to be responsive from the sounds it returns but the screen itself is just frozen - only way out is to restart APP. Anyone else getting this - iPhone 5S on IOS 11.2.5

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I think the iPhone 5s might be your problem.
My x2 iPhone 6s are both fine. My x2 Samsung J7’s are fine.
My iPad Mini which is fully up to date iOS and Game wise does exactly the same thing. It’s the same Generation age wise as the iPhone 5, 5s.

No, you’re not alone and it’s not your phone. I have the same issue and it’s not only when feeding berries for me, it’s whenever I trigger an animation related to the gym. Even just clicking on a gym can stop cause the game to freeze. So when feeding berries it’s 10 times where my game can freeze per Pokémon … and I think it’s about 20% risk at every click, so it happens all the time. I’ve got iPhone 6, 11.2.1 and it started with an update for the app, not an update for the iOS.

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That’s been a really annoying glitch for me. I’m on iPhone 6+. I already reported it to Niantic.

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I thought this was only me. My game been freezing an crashing. EVEN in an ex raid made me miss Mewtwo i emailed Niantic they told me to always restart phone an clear cache an gave me passes but im crashing like no tomorrow

Im on iphone5s my cousin on iphone6Plus says he crashes but not as much