Game freezing regularly

My game is regularly freezing now. Almost gotta restart game at every gym i interact with. How do i report this to niantic? it seems alot of other trainers have this issue no matter what iphone they have

i have Iphone5s with the latest ios11.2.6

Most issues you can report ingame are coins/pokestop based how am i suppose to report their shitty update corruption

Even iphonex users are faced with this. So it’s not my phone. Niantic needs an another update Asap.

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As soon as you mention iPhone 5 to Niantic they won’t be interested as they’ve already announced that device will no longer be supported as of 28th of Feb 2018.

5s was not affected by that. It wasnt listed. N if you read the screenshots even iphone X users are complaining.

Edit- all iphone are affected by this…iphone6 iphone8 iphonex and iphone5s is on Ios11 so your wrong

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I dont have it
Iphone SE
Not updated to newest Ios(i think i have 11)

It’s getting worse the more i investigate.

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This has been happening to me as well, after the last update I believe. Freezes while berry feeding, freezes after clicking on a gym, going out, and clicking on the same gym again or another gym. It’s very frustrating. Glad to hear it’s not only me though.

Before this last update, I was also having a freezing issue, where the screen would freeze, then half the screen would shift slightly vertically.


Exact same thing. Which iphone you on?

I have iPhone X and it occasionally freezes when I interact with gyms…game is pretty smooth otherwise, but it is very annoying


he has a 5s

I have a iPhone 8 Plus and it constantly freezes doing just about everything. I have to restart after every gym interaction, raids, pokestop spins, berry feedings, you name it. Really makes me mad when it does it during my raids. I even tried uninstalling and re-installing the app. I know I am not the only trainer in my area having the same issues.

i emailed Niantic they are now aware of this.

My iPhone SE freezes a few times a day but not enough for me to complain about because I just restart it. Got it July of '16 just to start playing the game.

I had seen people like asking about gym freeze, but had no issues until I updated my phone. Went from iPhone 5 on iOS 10.x. to an 8 with iOS 11. I think it’s linked to the new iOS update rather than the just new pogo update, as I had never had it before new phone, and now it is common.

I have an iPhone 6 and I got the same problem too.

I probably have to restart the app 5-6 times a day from it freezing up.

Omg I thought I was the only one, I’m on iPhone X and I hate force quitting every time I click on gym etc. I hope they fix this soon!!! It’s so annoying. I tried emailing them and tweeting them but I got no reply :frowning:

We had to back out of a gym twice yesterday because someone’s phone kept freezing up. It happens.

I’ve noticed the games gotten a little more unstable, especially in high activity areas (though that’s to be expected).

The game shouldnt be crashing at all like this. Interacting with gyms are now a problem.