Game consuming a lot of internet data (Redmi Note 8 Pro)

Hit there guys.

Anyone with internet consumption problems playing Pokémon?

I used to play with a Samsung S7, but I changed to a Redmi Note 8 Pro with MIUI11, and I noticed that my internet data consumption has increased a lot while playing Pokémon!

While playing PokémonGO for one hour(going to work) I wasted 86,2 Mb of data with my Redmi Note 8 Pro, while a friend wasted 33,8 Mb over the day!

Enabling the option to check the data usage, I noticed that my device sometimes goes from 2~5kbp/s to about 100 kbp/s when I play the game, and 2 friends (one with Pocophone F1 and other with Mi 8 Lite) have theirs stabilized at 2~4 kbp/s. I know its only the speed of download, and not the total of data downloaded, but I dont think its right…

Anyone has any idea of what is happening and what can I do to waste less internet data? My internet plan wouldnt last the month like this… :face_with_head_bandage:

My smartphone screenshots:

Friend screenshots:

329 mb so far this month, so about 14mb a day.
My best guess could be that because its a new phone it has to download new assets whenever you encounter anything new. If thats the case it should be getting less.


This game requires larger data packages, so those with unlimited data have the best experience. I usually get about 10 GB of data used a month according to my data usage reports.

Not just on PoGO i hope :sweat_smile:

No, but a solid percentage of it. I have a fantastic data package with T-Mobile, and there isn’t risk of prioritization until I reach 55 GB in a single month.