Futurism - Upcoming Community Day - October / November 2019

We have the dates for the next 2 Community Days but not the Pokemon. It is easy to guess that November 16th will bring Chimchar with Infernape learning Blast Burn but I would speculate based on patterns that October 12th will bring Spheal with Walrein learning Avalanche. I’ve read on other boards where people are expecting a Sinnoh Pokemon next month but I believe they will not release until 2020 (Starly and Gible being the most likely candidates). What do you think?

Not starly since it’s a common mon and not rare like most of the other non starter CD mons. I’d wager maybe riolu and gible.

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Riolu doesn’t evolve like the other Community Day Pokemon do, as it only evolves once, not twice.

Besides Gible, the candidates I see are Trapinch and Porygon. Sure, Trapinch spawns a lot, but it was in a 10 km egg at one point, like Mareep was. Porygon barely spawns at all, although not to the degree as Unown.

Gible seems the most likely, and I would love for it to be so. I’m not holding my breath though.

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Riolu is also a baby Mon so its out of question, the likeliest candidate is probably Trapinch

I see Rhyhorn as a candidate too: Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker.


@Necrozmadabest I forgot it was a baby Pokémon.
@Arem1771 true, But Eevee was an exception , it only evolves once albeit it can evolve into 8 different Pokémon, also Ralts is an exception in the fact that it’s last stage is gender based. Also Pikachu, is an exception as well, but that one I feel is a obvious exception to the pattern they’ve set up

Also if you look at the Sinnoh besides Gible the only other mons (that don’t have any evo stages from a previous gen) that have a 2 evolvotion stage are Starly and Shinx.

I would have said Shinx for Sinnoh CD mons except it is already shiny available. If I were to take a guess for another Sinnoh CD mon I’d say it be Rhyperior via Rhyhorn.

imagine all the pissed of people that farmed shinx raids if that would become a CD…

My bet: following the 10km egg + double evolution routine: Gible. It’s the only one that fits the criteria

Also possible: 3 starter CD’s in a row.

Yeah definitely Gible somewhere along the timeline.

And yeah they could shake things up and do all three Sinnoh starters this year and start 2020 with all gen 5 CD or a mix of Gen 5 And other gens.

I mean for we know they could just say screw the pattern and do a CD for a mon with only 1 evolution stage

Eevee is a secondary mascot, thats why it was an exception

Trap inch is a likely candidate, I don’t think we will see gible this year.


It may sound weird but I don’t want a Gible CD yet. I still have not caught or hatched a single Gible😔. Also if Niantic only chooses Pokémon that hatch from 10km Eggs and Starter Pokémon for CD’s they’ll soon run out of Pokémon. Since Gible is not out that long Trapinch seems to be the likeliest candidate for next month.

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For me it goes between Trapinch and Rhyhorn. I think it’s too fast yet to give Gible it’s CD and all other Pseudo-Legendairies allready released have had their one allready.
On the other side: October, Halloween event, Dark(/Dragon)-type Pseudo-Legendairy in gen V with Hydreigon…:thinking: I don’t see that happening, but with Niantic you never know…

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Deino has been confirmed to be hatching from 10 km eggs as of later today, so it’s possible but unlikely:


@Ryan21 Eevee also hatched from 10 km eggs at some point, so it was still believable beyond Necrozma’s explanation of it being a second mascot on top of a Starter Pokemon–even though it wouldn’t become a starter until Let’s GO Eevee.

@Necrozmadabest I know that Eevee is a secondary mascot and that they partially did it for Let’s Go, just laying out my points for mons that were exceptions to the 2 evolution stages.

Side note besides it being a baby Pokémon, Riolu also hatches from 10km at one point. (And no I don’t expect it to be a CD mon, just pointing it out)

As for October I don’t know what Mon it’ll be and don’t really care. For me Personally it’s more fun to speculate on what Sinnoh Mons will be CD for next year.