[Futurism] Pokestop Requests

How do you think Niantic will handle the huge number of pokestop/gym requests when that feature is added? I see so many amazing places in my town alone that are missed opportunities for pokestops and gyms so how would you like and/or expect them to deal with This?

A totally meaningless topic.:expressionless: It’s clear that you could only request for pokestops by ‘Ingress portal submission’.

I’d love to be able to provide the link to the article but I can’t remember where I saw it, however there is a very specific list of criterion that need to be met for a portal submission to be acceptable & ok’d / added to the game.
This is a link to the Ingress support page which should give more info;

One new gym and one new stop added close to my house, so they’re doing something

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That is nice. My local park at least got 1 new stop but I see so many missed oppertunities and cool interesting places lol that people should know about.

One pokestop nearby my apartment block was removed, so they’re doing something…even worse!

That would be the worst. I currently have 18 stops in my nearby park. I looked on ingress and counted around 40. I wonder how many of them will be added into Pokemon GO.

That stinks, but someone must have requested it. I don’t think they remove them unless asked

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