Futurism - Gen3 or gen2 legendary or pvp/trading

With the current situation of the game i would say before any updates we need Gen3.We need more meta pokemon,more good attackers/defenders and more pokemon as raid bosses.To make PvP more fun,we need more pokemon.Same goes for trading.As of Gen2 legendary,they can wait since we got a good dose of legendary pokemon already.Thoughts?


I prefer a chat like it in Ingress that allow us to chat to nearby players.

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Server crash or ptc login issue…

Europe chicago japan… what about rural players… atleast give us some pokestop… wth

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Gen 3 would be perfectly timed around now. It would keep the players interested until the next huge update.

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My vote would be
1). Make a way to find Pokémon. Sightings and Nearby are both failures. They work against each other and make for a broken system. I’m tired of not being able to find Pokémon.

2). Ability to request Pokestops, even if it is only available to high level players like they did with ingress something would be better than nothing. I have a list of over 20 local places that would be great fits for pokestops but alas there is no way to do anything about it.

3). Shiney pokemon release. Even if it is a limited rollout it would tide people over and keep interest going for weeks or months to come.

4). Rotate Raid Content. It would be fun to see a migration schedule just like nests. This is #4 on the list because lots of people still need some of the Pokémon currently available in raids.

5). Gen 3 Release

6). Trading. Easier to implement than PvP and I have been saving lots of good Pokémon to trade with players who are just starting out. Lots of 93-96% evolved pokemon will be up for when it comes.

7). PVP: I want this one last because Niantic needs to take their time and get it right.


What I would like to see next is PVP and Tournament Play. What I mean by Tournament is basically just like in the Pokemon Cartoon we’re Ash earned his 8 Gym Badges then competed in the indigo plateau. Maybe they can do something similar to that both Locally and Globally. Maybe something like if you meet a certain Gym Requirement each week then on each Saturday they could designate some Gyms per City for Tournament Play. Then for Global Tournaments it could be like every few Months or so.

Think pvp is a long way from happening. I also think gen 3 drops in the fall.

In the meantime, I would settle for some QOL improvements. Someone mentioned the in game tracker and that’s a good place to start. Overall stabilization…the game still freezes and crashes too often.

I would also like to see in game missions or activities with rewards (coins, dust, rare candy etc). These activities should be able to be done solo as I think it would help keep rural players engaged (not that niantic seems to give a crap about them)

I also don’t understand the extremely slow roll out of shiny Pokémon. In over a year they have two widely available (not counting the accidental zapdos here) and three specifically in Japan (for now). That’s out of the 240 or so Pokémon currently available in the game.

Speaking of Pokémon currently available…how about releasing smeargle and delibird before gen 3 is released?