Futurism - Gen 5 Pokèmon in the Great League

Now, we saw the Unova Starters in the qpoayer for PoGO’s 3rd anniversary (Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott) and now I want to list some Pokèmon that might be good in the Great League, so here we go.


Moveset I want: Thunder Shock, Charm (fast)
Discharge, Aerial Ace, Signal Beam (charged)

Optimal: Charm, Discharge, Aerial Ace.


Moveset I want: Pound, Low Kick (fast)
Dazzling Gleam, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Psyshock, Last Resort, Signal Beam

Optimal: Low Kick, Psyshock, Last Resort.


Moveset I want: Spark, Acid (fast)
Crunch, Discharge, Flash Cannon, Acid Spray, Aqua Tail

Optimal: Spark, Crunch, gAqua Tail(or Flash Cannon)

You can add more if you want!

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