Futurism - Evolve event is coming?

I found a arcanine this day, @KingQ07 told me he found a arcanine too, @Jormdeworm told me he found a Venasaur,Some people on the silph road found very much Evolved Pokémon,Is there a possibility that a Evolve event is coming?

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I have seen a pidgeot today and several ursaring. Probably a coincidence

I have noticed this too. Maybe it’s Niantic’s way of giving the new players a chance to catch up before they release gen 4.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink:

I did not find any evolution in the wild so far, but nice stardust boost tho

I found a crobat today

I found nothing today. Evolve me!:grin:


Yesterday and today I’ve seen a crobat, Granbull, nidoking, ursuring, camerupt, and vileplume. But most of these are common where I live (minus crobat)

Wow. This CD must be good for you as you are Team Eevee.

Crobat, Nidoran, and Sentret and some vitorybelle here. Nothing new

I saw granbull, but it is not very rare

Possibly. I have a seadra in my nearby

More spawns confirmed
Event not confirmed yet

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All i’ve seen is Murkrow’s everywhere

I saw Nidoqueen, charizard, arcainine

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I saw Eevee , the evolution pokemon.

“Fever” becomes “eevee”, auto corrected

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[Pokedex] Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon. Eevee adapts to harsh environments by evolving. (That’s my Pokédex impersonation…)

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I would imagine it’s like that, by adapting, but you never know…:sweat_smile: