Future release of Legendaries

So far, I have only caught Suicune whilst visiting a big city. Not many people play Pokemon Go in small towns. Will the other legendaries appear (not in the gym) to be caught in the near future?

It will rotate at the end of the month. You’ll either be able to catch Entei, or Raikou through October, and the final remaining through November.

Mewtwo EX raid testing is finishing up, and we should be seeing the full roll out soon. Ho-Oh has yet to be released, and no details yet on Mew or Celebi, and Gen 3 (whenever that drops) will add the possibility of another 10.

So yes, there will be other legendaries. Legendaries for days…

Umm…if you focus on the way to capture a legendary Pokemon, I doubt Niantic will release them in ways other than raids. According to the ‘Mew’ rumour, mythical Pokemon will also also captured by raids, but not participating regional events. The only difference between legendary Pokemon is normal raids and Ex raids.

Hi all. Thanks for the replies.

What about Lugia, Articuno, Moltres that was released a while ago? Are they going to release it again but not in raids? I still have not got those.

It is difficult to do “raids” living in small towns where there is hardly anyone playing.