Funny moments in Pokèmon go

What are your most funny Pokemon Go moments. Can be anything from random spawns to a nearby list of only pidgeys.

I once tweeted a picture of a huge Rattata nest near a fancy restaurant in Orlando FL, joking that they had a rat infestation. They immediately tweeted back at me about how they don’t have rats and that they have an A health code rating, and invited me to inspect their kitchen and everything. They thought I was talking about real rats, not virtual ones. Once I explained it, they had a good laugh.


Not me but a mate feel over in a very large pool of water chasing after a Lapras after stepping into what he thought was just dried sea weed only to find it was a pool of water around 2 foot deep.The phone manged to stay above the water level but he was saturated and covered in damp sea weed.

I play a bit on the push bike and before I bought a handle bar attachment phone holder I used to ride one handed and phone in the other. I have a circuit that I ride around not far from home. Part of that circuit requires cutting across the vacant block near the community hall. I’d been riding this circuit for several days straight and used a different cross over point to normal. At reasonable bike speed I hit an old post hole covered by grass and did a massive endo over the handle bars and basically belly flopped on the ground trying to save the phone. A few cuts an grazes but phone was saved so back on bike and continued to catch.


Me and some friends had just failed a Charizard raid, even though we had 8 people total. We, slightly disappointed started walking back. On the way back, a Dragonite appears. We all catch it (quite interestingly actually 5 of us got critical captures on it) then get home. An hour later another Dragonite spawns at the same spot where the first Dragonite was - strange day…

The first week of Pokémon Go I was out with a few friends catching my Silhouettes to register in the Pokédex and a cop came by seeing what we were doing. I guess it looked odd that we were on an empty stage outside where there was going to be a concert later that night and gathered like we were being miscevious planning something lol :joy: once we explained what the game was he became interested and we sat there teaching the cop how to play and he got to catch a few for himself. Had a great day though.

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