Functional (not technical) hundos!

I thought this might be the best way to handle this flag.

But, post your functional hundo’s/ perfectly imperfect Pokemon!

Functional hundos for the win! 15-15-14

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Ho boy, that for me is a WHOLE 'nother can of worms. The most significant ones I have are these:


For those wondering, a functional perfect is a Pokemon that has perfect Attack and Defense with 14 HP IVs. HOWEVER, what makes a functional perfect this way is that 14 HP and 15 HP IVs translate into the same HP value via its breakpoints. A list of functional perfect Pokemon can be found here:émon_level_40_151514/


Is that Resh going up or will you wait for a “true” hundo through trades?

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It’s going to be leveled up for sure, but I’m waiting until I need to level up a Fire-type to do it. The moveset it has is Fire Fang and Overheat. The need to trade for it has diminished since this is fantastic enough.

NOW, should the very unlikely happenstance occur where Reshiram is back in Raids, I catch a perfect one, all before I even need to level up a Fire-type, the perfect would be leveled up instead.


It’s been quite a LONG time, but I did finally get another one:

EDIT: Huh, somehow I missed this one: