[FUN] Who also collects super low CP Pokémons

I like to collect CP 100 and lower CP 10 being my favourite.



I admit it, I do!!


I’m collecting 10 CP Pokemons just because of the Bubblestrat, hopefully I will delete all of them after gym rework. :slight_smile:

What’s a Bubblestrat? The low cp ones are good for Buliding up gyms if someone puts a low Mon at the bottom.

Something like that. Training up a gym fast (1000 prestige per battle) without losing any potions.

I have what I affectionately refer to as my LOL collection… It is called so can I can’t help but laugh at their CP’s :joy:


Never transferred a level 1 Ditto… lol

After generation 2 came out I stopped doing that since I prefer to keep some Pokémon for prestiging + around 50-100 Pidgeys for mass evolutions from time to time. 1000 is just not enough. :smiley:

I have a couple 0 IV pokemon but other than that I kept a few of the event pikachus with 10CP for future trading

I’ve got a collection of 420 CP pokemon that I’ve been working on. Will see if I can post a screenshot later!

I started collecting 10CP’s a couple of months ago.
Only keep 1 of a type unless 1 is Shiny then I will keep 2.

I only collect rare encounters with very low CP. Got a 96CP Nidoking (I don’t know why but when I caught it a year or so the CP was 99), a 26CP Primeape, a 522 CP Charizard, a 93 CP Blastoise, a 123CP Kadabra and more like this.

I have a ~300 cp dragonite

I have a 10 CP shiny Dratini

I caught a ~300 cp machoke, but I transferred it during the double candy event

Good idea

WOW You replied quickly!

I was online while u was replying

Im jealous at your strong pokemons!