Full time / Part time trainers

Depending on age, work, and time.

Alot of trainers are either part time or full time trainers. I would say as the age gets higher there is more responsibility in someones life, making it harder to play. Younger trainers can play more but may lack ability to go far distances.

What are some troubles you find? Would you like to play longer? Is it difficult balancing normal life and this game?

I would say i used to be more full time. Wake up play all hours. Now i can’t and play alot alot alot less. Grown folks can’t play 6+ hours maybe only on a lunch break, i remember i would play whenever i could during breaks at work luckly at the airport there are a few pokestops.

Part time vs Full time

I would say youtubers are for sure full time trainers.

Im part time
Under 18, student to middle school, i would like to play more

YOung people have exams like me 3 tomorrow to end

I’m mostly busy so haven’t got lots of time to play but whenever I can I play.

Hardly ever time since I moved to a rural town. Def full-time when I lived in Chicago.

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Part time, especially when you compare it to the people in my area lol.

How many hours a Day Play time or accumulative for the week would you classify as a Full Time Trainer?

probably 7+ hours

That for a day or total for the week?

Definitely part time… I have a job, I have housekeeping to do, I’m a soon-to-be wife and soon-to-be house owner, so finding time for real grinding is very hard. I have incorporated the game into my daily routine as good as I can (Go Plus tracks my distance and spins stops when I’m out for running, I walk to work 4 days a week just so that I can play…), and by that I can at least accumulate about 5 hours a week “for free”.
Additionally, the game is open all time when I’m at home (watching for raids and farming my backyard spawn points).
Everything on top of that (going out for raids, doing a late-night-walk when an event starts, community days) is just a goodie and varies heavily from week to week.
I’d love to try and see what it’s like to be a full time trainer, though…

Only work 2-3 days a week but 12 hour shifts. So usually limited to the go+ but at least 1 or 2 days a week I play for 3-4 hours. So I guess thats part time compared to when I was in school.

in a day


I work 40-45 hours a week so I have time to play, my work schedule sucks because it only allows me to raid a few days a week though. I have to travel 30 minutes or so if I even want to think about winning a legendary raid so I maybe get two shots a week.

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