Frustration Level 2137

I am not one to whinge…public like anyway. I can moan, bemoan and lament all while gently humming the theme to Hawaii 5-0 to myself.

However when turnabout is not fair play.

I play on a tablet so living in the centre of an international metropolitan connected city means public access wifi, so like public access tv there are telethons to interhey look I’ve played rurally I get that I am blessed with wifi connections, nay, spoiled…here’s my g-dd-amn point

Tonight, tethered to a friend’s phone I had the opportunity to roam wild like before we salted Carthage. I had even plotted the sparkling prize, a somewhat secluded gym just out of public wifi accessibility. Tucked behind a church with a clear field of vision for as far as the eye could see.

Did my three rounds. Last round needs only one of my little beasties to clean out the riff raff. I can walk no further “to get closer to this interaction” whooey phooey I am in the gym and instead of claiming the victory for my “great work” the last pokemon I kicked out has returned to lay claim.

I have been given the old error saved for fighters/victors. Never ever have I been defeated and then been able to return but hey okay. I’ll do the battle again and throw more up against your 3000 such and such.

Lo and behold, bam another enters the gym line up and joins the battle already taking place, I have been refused the ability to leave behind because the gym is under attack more times than I could begin to fathom a numbering system oh no wait a third has somehow been left in the gym as I am still engaged with 1 and 2 mind there is not another person in sight.

Snagglepussed by a hoodwinking synch oh pant. In the chill of the night such that my hands both ached from the cold. The telex machine is kept so clean and it types to a waiting world. The sniper in the brain, regurgitating drain. Incestuous and vain. And many other last names. Oh, well, I look at my watch…

Support? There is no back up. A grown man in tears can be a powerful…image.


Lolled a bit about the story :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason its possible for people to reinforce a gym under attack… Really sucks when that happens, especially if youre about to finally clear a gym thats about to have an EX-raid on it.

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Pretty sure you can add mons in between battles when it is on the loading screen or when you finish then jump back in.
Frustrating to say the least when you aren’t able to add if it’s under attack but meh… ‘Tis what it is.
Nice visuals in your story though!

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Let’s call this the post script or Frustration Levelling Out

That wild and reckless night of being tethered to Pokemon insanity was not without other repercussions (fortunately not frost bite but it might have been a close call).

Next day, exhausted and depleted with no revives I opted to take a random trip home to see my family and soak in the relative calm of rural play. The big plus being out there holding gyms can be measured in…well when Bella Bellossom returns I’ll be able to crunch all the numbers and get back with details.

Rest assured that rest was assured plus coinage.

Two minutes after I am back in the little backwater I splashed about in growing up and I can assure you my route back to the city is being mapped. When I did finally get back to the city and gazed upon the gyms far and wide it seemed somehow blue, so very blue but I had a spring in my step, I tells ya it’s just instinct;)

Anyway, close to home there are 2 gyms I call the two towers and with the one right next to home I consider these 3 my stomping grounds and lo and behold everything was yellow. I could try and change the words to that Coldplay song for wit but best leave it there was a joy in my heart.

Go up to the first of the two towers and look there’s slots open but wait what’s this, the gym is under attack and I am not allowed into the battle. FMIF!

Fine. I get it.

Bide my time and then proceed to make the counter offensive. I attack, we bring the storm!

So ya, you bet your life as I am attacking, second cycle on whatever miscreant blue slipped in there up pops another

and another

and another

SO I See how it is, there is no way for me to slip into a gym under attack and the reverse is somehow not true…basically life in a nutshell.

It’s like we always say “ride it like you stole it”.


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wouldn’t “frustration level over 9000!” be a more appropriate title? :smile:

But honestly, i hate these kind of posts. Not becuase OP made one, but because he HAD to make one. Every time i see a post like this, or rural players complaining about not having raidgroup or something i want to help. But seeing this is a world wide played game you actually have to get out for i can’t. And that just sucks. I’m feel for you OP, i wish i could help.


Rural play vs city life is just a little different than gym mechanics but I’ll take your feels.

They feel good, this is the greatest feeling that I am feeling.

Thanks and now back to the grind.


File under: hell, fresher, just got

Lost my tablet. Sad, sucks actually but you pick yourself up and try again. Means I have been hunting with a cracked iPad I saved from the trash back in the fall. Using a stylus so as not to shave off my finger tips and the cracks have made for some interesting spins on spin balls however…

GPS signal not found. (11)

That’s what I’m talking about right thurr. Eeek. Apple makes rural play exciting but wait what’s this…even happens with newer Androids. Makes me think there must be porn somewhere on the internet I haven’t seen

Is a picture like this allowed on the forums?

Well the post is 3 months old so i guess it is :wink:

Because i dont think (fake) blood pictures are allowed pn the forums.
Maybe @apavlinovic or @thorend knows

Smiley dead face is a part of our visual lexicon and sadly I would not even registered that as fake or real blood. Though clearly it is

However, going over my ramble again I am more concerned than ever that I am not necessarily coherent even when I think I am making a point eloquently.

Thank you for the gentle reminder to avoid internet forums. At least tonight when I cry myself to sleep I’ll have a reason for it.

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Im sorry im not good enough to understand you because of my bay English but i just wanted to say IMO its 18+

Use Google Translate instead. I do that too.

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Lets make a poll for it
Do you think this is allowed?

  • Yes
  • No

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The picture is already removed.


Its about horror and stuff so

you are really exaggerating with this. It’s a smiley. There are waaaaaaay worse things you could post, stuff where the rules are meant for, unlike this.

It wasnt just a smily it was a smily with blood on it

Whats wrong with a little blood? I get nosebleeds 3 out of 2 days (no, thats not a mistake) whenever its cold. It wont kill you, and it hasnt killed anyone that saw me bleeding…

Theres also a picture up there of rattatas being grounded into candys. Are you bothered by that aswell, or is that ok cause there is no blood involved?