Frontpage: Porygon-Z

Since comments have been disabled once again (seriously, comments should be enabled by default!), a topic to discuss the article.

My main issue with it: why do people insist on categorizing Hidden Power as a Normal-type attack? Hidden Power is a “random” (not really, it actually depends on IV) type fast-move. The only “Normal-Type” effect it has, is that it will get its weatherboost from partly-clouded, and not from its effective type. So Hidden Power - Ice will get weather boosted during the more common partly clouded weather, instead of the rare snowy weather or fog, for example.

So, my ideal Porygon-Z would probably be Hidden Power (Grass) with Solar Beam or something like that. No STAB, but would make it a nice Grass Type with few weaknesses.

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Fairy or psychic to make him stromg against fighting

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Would make a nice trap-defender.

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Or flying

The only reason I’ve been keeping my Upgrade evolution items is because of this guy. With my luck, Porygon-Z will need something else.

Of course it will. Dubious Disc😉

All gen 4 evolutions of precious gens need different evolution items. Hold on to your sun stone though, you’ll need it for later gens

So I should get rid of some Upgrades? Wasting space in my bag.