Frontpage: Evolving to Gen IV and its Meta relevance

Since the article on the news items ends with “Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.” while no comments are available, just post your thoughts here 'till they fix the article.

Overall, I think Glaceon might be a problematic Eevolve for the vast majority of players, so I hope the article is wrong on the theory that eevolving depends on the weather, or that Niantic also releases several alternative means to obtain Glaceon. Not just through a naming trick, but also through quests and raids.

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Yeah they turn off the comments more and more recently. Not sure why that is…

The one im afraid of is Rhydon to Rhyperior becoming a 400 candy evolve. I got 4 candidates ready to evolve, but only 130 candys for it. If it turns out its not 100 but 400 needed, its gonna be rough.

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400!?!?!?!? Pls no
Mamoswine has always been my favourite so I’m really excited for Gen 4. I’m just really excited in general.

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you serious?

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I want Arceus

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Hoping it’s 100 candies across the board, only Pokémon I have 400+ are rhydon, murkrow, and Eevee. Even better 50 candies but with items.


Need to add useless sentence

Get grinding those Rhyhorns.
I’m read y with 6500 Candy and a heap of very good Rhyhorn/Rhydons just waiting.