Friendship event weekend

What do you all think about this weekend friendship special? Maybe if they lifted the proximity requirement for trades or the daily limit of one gift and one trade or had it last a week. But its announced parameters seem hardly worth the bother to me. What about you?


I think it’s good but it should have been a few more days

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Sounds like a desperate grab to get players interested in sending Gifts again. I know heaps that don’t really bother with it anymore.
It’s too tidious sending the Gifts, waiting to get one back, spinning stops to get more Gifts, co-ordinating level ups ups, making sure you have bag space to open Gifts.
A lot of time and effort that’s used up where you could be Raiding or catch instead.


Would have loved to see the trade limit for special trades go up a bit to 5 or 10.
Event seems a bit “meh” yes.
Gonna make sure to open 20 gifts and sent alot to level up friends though. The more i do now the less i gotta do later :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they should have released some new features like open 20 random gifts and be able to send multiple gifts at once


Gifts seem to give the good stuff way more than pokestops – great and ultra balls, max-revive and max potion. (Remember the first week or two of gifts, when a gift could have, like, 10 ultra balls? Had to ditch items several times to have room to open another gift…)


I understand I miss all that too

It would have been better if you could hold more than 10 presents before dumping them.


Personally I think it’s a meh event, but it’s been nice in that I’ve been able to finish up getting the group of ultra friends to best friends in half the time.


Or maybe if I didn’t have to spin 30 stops to get 10 gifts to send. (including, sometimes, up to 16 spins in a row getting no gifts, when I have room for more than 5 more in my bag)

I’d even be willing to let the game take items from my own bag to create a gift to send.