Friend list keeps losing track of current

Since this morning’s forced update (Android version 0.175.0-G), actions within the friend list don’t remember the list position when returning to the list.

It’s already tedious to scroll through the friends list, since we can’t just go from one friend to the NEXT (but have to return to the list and select the next one directly), but also since the list only scrolls about 20 friends at a time, before we have to wait for the next friends to load into memory so we can scroll another 20 or so friends.

Kind of like it was a couple of years ago, when the Pokémon list kept resetting to the first after every single evolution, meaning our Lucky Eggs were wasted on scrolling instead of mass-evolving. That actually ripped us off monetarily, and still took WEEKS to get fixed. This one doesn’t cost us money, but is annoying enough to make me not want to open / send gifts, so it probably won’t generate as many irate demands for Niantic to fix it. So maybe it’ll eventually get fixed… maybe by 2021?

It’s not the only bug either. iOS users are plagued with random shutdowns of the app regardless of what’s happening in the game. This update really didn’t do anything except break the game, and Niantic forced it. Whose idea was it to do that and are they going to fire him/her/them?

Probably the same guy that forced the last update that broke Goplus right on Abra CD.
But no, they wont do anything like that.
There was a post on Reddit yesterday about Niantic. Very interersting read. Kinda confirms the idea one could have about Niantic. You need an account to read it on Glassdoor (a website) but the whole thing is actually copy/pasted on the top comment.

Niantic is very much a buisiness that cares about their game working enough so they make money and can promote their tech (mostly AR related). A working friends list isnt very interesting to them.

I saw that, and it’s very damning. It also shows how much they have been dishonest about accountability in the very beginning–on top of promising to be more transparent around New Years–but what else is new? In short, this should only embolden us to call out every dishonest thing they do, however intentional or unintentional it is. Sure, this paints them more as incompetent rather than malicious, but I’m sure there is malice running around among the executives.

The friends lost is tedious with this update. So much so that I don’t have the patience to open or send gifts now. The crashes are annoying also.

Why they had to break it, I don’t know. Not sure if they have a TestFlight beta system but if not they need one and if they do they need to give their heads a wobble.

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Ok, Niantic got back to me regarding the app crashing bug for iOS, and they suggested a VERY bizarre fix for it.

  • Close the app
  • Go to Locations and Regions
  • Switch to a different region
  • Switch back to your home region
  • Reopen the app

It’s been going well so far, so I guess it’s fixed?

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This is a mega pain in the butt!!! I thought it was a new change from this latest update! Please tell me it’s a bug that will get fixed. I do like going through my friends’ list to see who I need to send gifts to, but when every time I go from the friend page back to the friend list, it always returns to the top of the page, instead of remaining where I left off, so I can continue going down the list to see who needs gifts.

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For me, it does not return to the top of my friend list, it returns to the middle or something close

yes the bug is annoying, but thankfully the update also enables the friendlevel filter.

friendlevel0 = yet to interact
friendlevel1 = good friends
friendlevel2 = great friends
friendlevel3 = ultra friends
friendlevel4 = best friends

I have been using the above filters to limit how far I have to scroll with this bug.

There is a fix coming

Theres also:

Lucky = shows you all your lucky friends (duh)
Interactable = shows you all the people who you havent intereacted with that day. So no trade, battle together, neiter of you opened a gift.
Typing “a,b,c” only shows friends starting with those 3 letters.
The exclemation mark “!” also works.

If you combine a few things you can limit the length of your list greatly, for example:
“Interactable&!lucky&a,b,c” only results in 18 friends for me.
18 people i didnt have an action with yet today, who im not yet lucky with (i tend to not interact with people im lucky with as i think its pointless and ive got plenty of gifts to open anyways) and, to limit the length of the list, who only start with the first 3 letters of the alphabet.

Ofcourse we all want the most important one: “Gift” or “Giftable” but that one is broken for now.

The problem with resetting the current position in the friends list every time we pick one and then return to the list seems to have been fixed with today’s update.
(Android version 0.175.1-G)

Bravo. Great to be able to go through the gifting process smoothly again. (It would be smoother if we could just swipe left/right for previous/next, like in the Pokémon storage; but this is still orders of magnitude better than it was just yesterday.)

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Doesn’t fix it for iOS which is still really annoying :frowning: