Freshly added pokestops suddenly dissapeared

Near my house there was recently added new pokestops, and one already existing one got transformed to gym. But, when i checked earlier this Day Pokemon Go, they all dissapeared. Only that gym-now pokestop is intact. They weren’t in illegal places, so why they removed them? Let me know what do you think about it.

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Maybe It’s To Do With OPR? If There’s Too Many In One Place Do They Remove Rather Than Add?

I have heard of this happening in my area as well. So far none of my “regular” gyms or stops have gone away.

The only time I have seen this was if either the the local government or the property owner requested it. If people are disrupting business by taking up all the parking, blocking traffic, or disturbing patrons/parrishioners then it would not be surprising they asked for it to be removed.

I doubt Niantic would do it without a request as it doesn’t help them.

I saw the same thing. A PokéStop and a gym that were added less than a week ago disappeared. Now I’m stuck with a bronze badge for a ‘non existing’ gym just around the corner :confused:

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But all of those Pokestops in my city weren’t in illegal or goverment-like places, so that isn’t option.

They were in different places each.

If they were at a business then the owner could have requested it. If it was at a park then it is Government owned and the city/county could have requested it.

Doesn’t matter if the place is legal or not if the owner is unhappy they will remove it

But at least 2 of those weren’t in those type of places

The pokestop had been in front of my apartment block for more than a year, but it was removed in the previous month.

Regardless of the location of the pokestop, the property has an owner. It does not matter if it is a park, a church, a school, a retail shop, a government building, a historic landmark there is a person or group in charge of the property.

If the owner doesn’t want the stop there it is their right to request it be removed.

If it is causing traffic issues, if the neighbors are complaining, if people are coming in at late hours or if there is any other reason that raises a concern with law enforcement they can request it be removed.

This happened everywhere last day(s).
Evert recent added stop is gone (at least every new stop i passed by today)

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I have had the samething happen. It could be a glitch in the server side update(i hope). A new one just dissapeared it was up for a week or so. I blame the 71. update.

u/mycarisorange • Oct 12, 2017, 7:39 AM
Niantic has noticed the issues with the 2 items per spin glitch and they’ve apparently rolled the map-side server back to a point where stops correctly give three+ items. The downside to that, for the moment, is that some people have seen recently-added stops removed.

It should be fixed relatively soon.

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@Thorend , how i can explain in other words, those pokestops dissapeared in the same time, so there’s no way that they were removed cause of business complications.

Happened in my town as well. Looks like it is a world wide action.

The Stop At My Church Vanished Last Night. Niantic Have Done This All For A Reason, We Just Don’t Know What It Is Yet.

It might be to make it harder to find the gen 3 Pokémon once it is released like you said @JoshHack Niantic has done this for a reason. In theory, my opinion is that once gen 3 rolls out it will be harder to find because Niantic is removing stops. They are trying to make the release hyped up longer and make it harder to complete your dex


Brand new pokestop down our road suddenly appeared, and just as suddenly disappeared.

No update, i would suggest tweeting niantic or emailing them just to keep it on their radar. It’s been about a week. It’s mildly concerning, but i want the new stops back too.