Free pokemon go redemption codes for Android in US only Sprint are giving free redemption codes for Android for visiting their store.

Did you manage to get one? Did they actually implement promo codes?

I don’t live in USA, I just went to check the sprint store online I found this on there

Can anyone from the US check this information by visiting a Sprint store?

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It will be Avaliable to redeem the code from the promo code section in pokemon go and I think that the codes will be different and only one use only

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No promo codes in texas went to 3 stores. Sprint employees acted like i was crazy

@ShartStains I am from Texas as well. One in a town near me said they are not doing them at all, I found another one in a different town that said they do plan on doing them but they don’t have them yet. They also had a sign up inside the store that made me think they would definitely be doing it. One other Sprint said that you have to have a Sprint trainer account; don’t even understand what that is. Surely it is not a separate account from the one you already have; that would want even make sense. I hope someone enlightens us!

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Is not limited to service providers

I went into the store today.
It took 45 minutes for the service person to login into Trainer Rewards and check in my account.

I got the 200 pts but never got the email with promo code

The help department for trainer rewards is closed until Tuesday.
I hope they can fix this.

So I went to a different town and they explained the whole situation and I started my trainer account about a week ago. Obviously I was too late to get the promo code, but did anyone here get it at all? I’m not sure I know of anyone who got one.