[Forum News] We have Chatrooms!

Fellow trainers,

In case you haven’t noticed, our admin @apavlinovic managed to successfully implement the chat feature.

If you wanna join the fun, click the ‘megaphone’ icon next to search:


Holy Arceus! The chat works great, well done @Mystic for the suggestions and researching the topic!


actually this feature is surprisingly neat and im gonna have to use it more xD

Wow :slight_smile: is it also possible to use an App with the Pokemon Go Hub? Something like Tapstalk?

im so happy this place and chat is NOT spammy and nice growing group!

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Not yet, but the team behind Discourse (our forum software) is discussing builiding one. They have an app at the moment, but it’s limited to notifications


It doesn’t let me see what im typing

Links on nicknames in chat on this forum look like this: http://forum.pokemongohub.net/[object%20Object].
Looks like some bug in JS code rendering chat.

Chrome and IE11, actually.