Forum login is not secure

My chrome said my connection to this site is not secure, anybody notice this?

Yeah my dad makes websites and he said there was this thing where every site without this security lol would get a message saying not secure but it’s fine @Mew1

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Thank you for your dad’s help

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? Well thanks but all it means is that the owner of the site cam see our stuff more but @apavlinovic is awesome.
And your welcome :grin:

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I also make website and ik why it says not secure
It stores a lot of data from you for things like ip-bans etc.
Thats also the reason there once was that bug with You cant log in as ARandomName from this location(or something like that)


I can log in via my phone browser (safari) but i cant from the “app” thing there is for Pokemongohub db

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Well the only person I know who got hacked on the forum is @blue_pikachu