Forum Etiquette

This bickering needs to stop.

@RexPartysaurus while overbearing and sometimes rude is not wrong when he speaks of TOS, multiple accounts, etc. There are softer handed ways to go about expressing those views, especially when dealing with teenagers and people who speak English as 2nd or third language.

@Yoshi @bagguille and others are well within their rights to ask to be treated respectfully on the forums. These guys deserve better than to be faced with profane rants and have their views belittled.

@JoshHack does on occasion post on topics that cause quite a stir. His intention isn’t malicious, he is looking to create debate, and while obviously he gets discussions rolling although more often than not they are quite divided. He is admittedly a former spoofer, but we can forgive past indiscretions.

You all need to realize your not going out change opinions of others who are locked in on their views and arguing over some Internet forum isn’t accomplishing anything. Even if you adamantly disagree with another persons position making a long, drug out arguement is not going to help things.

There are so many interesting developments happening today we should be focused on things like Ex Raids, Legendary Migrations and hopefully soon Gen 3. If arguments and bickering continue and people do not stay stay focused on things that help us better enjoy, better understand or otherwise make us more successful at Pokémon Go I will start issuing 24 hour bans to any party involved, and escalate the duration of the ban if people continue after that. Rather than make a messing public showing, send me a PM and I will address the issue.