Flygon Raid Boss

Flygon is a Level 3 raid boss at 21751 CP.
Max Capture CP Is 1405 (level 20. perfect iv)
And with Weather Boost 1756. (level 25. perfect iv)

Best counter is Dragon/Ice Kyogre, then Jynx, then Articuno
Oh and a level 3 boss with Flygon stats would have 16300CP

Where are you getting your information from @Minismurfen3?

Some random websote i dont remember the name of

How ylu know the raid CP? Btw i like Flygon

I wouldn’t keep posting this type of information. It’s misleading; there is no confirmation that A) Flygon is being added to the game anytime soon, and B) that it will become a raid boss. You fooled me :joy:

Good effort though. I’m glad that you have all this information handy IN CASE Flygon DOES become a raid boss.

Also, remember to use trusted/verified sources! Don’t trust everything you read online.

Ill stop now nla bla blah bla 30 character dumb thing

GoHub’s database, and you can even calculate it by yourself

Do u do it like this.
Sceptiles stats is: 223 140 180
Is then the raid boss cp 22180?

Every tier has a different ammount of HP, and it doesnt take into consideration Pokémon’s base HP at all (as such, a boss Blissey would have the same ammount as boss Shuckle, if they would share the tier)

Tier 1 raids have 600 HP, tier 2 has 1800, tier 3 has 3000 HP, tier 4 has 7500 HP and tier 5 has 12500

The formula for CP is as following: {(Base attack + 15)*√[(Base Defense + 15)*HP]}/10

So, for a Tier 4 Sceptile boss, you would have:
Thats [238x√(195x7500)]/10
So (238x√1462500)/10
Sooo… (238x1209,338)/10
=28782 CP
If you look at GoHub Database, you will se it matches what they have
I recall that boss’ attack and defense is (base+15)*some multiplier based on the tier, but not sure which multipliers are used

Tried to make it as much detailed as possible
And also had to use x as *, because HTML seems to make anything between them in italics

So wailord as a tier 4 would be 16618

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