FLW Videos YT Channel hijacked

I think FLWVideos’ channel was hijacked and had its videos deleted aswell. This is the SECOND time I see a big Youtube channel being hijacked and used to promote some scam online currency. What the hell is up with this?

He probably had too easy a password

I’ve seen a few of his videos, but he couldn’t impress me honestly.

He’s 10 times better than Nick. Doesn’t waste your time, straight to the point, provides useful info about the game and new features/updates/pokemon.

Probably people will like it, off course. But he wasn’t able to tell me more then I can read on sites like GoHub or Gamepress. If I just wanna know that stuf I’ve allready read it myself before his video is online. Don’t need him to read it for me again.
And actually from time to time I like the extra element Nick puts in his videos. He also is able to give some more in depth analyses on stuff, but I agree you have to like the ‘waste of time’ how you call it. Personally: I pick my videos out of his content. I skip the travel stories and just pick some interesting introduction videos I see potential in.

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He’s kind of pretentious though. In some videos, he had something of an elitist delivery when it comes to certain Pokemon, going so far as to go if it doesn’t have this exact move, it’s worthless, even if the move was only slightly worse. Basically, if it isn’t number one, it isn’t worth anything. I unfollowed him months ago due to that.

Also, if you watch the video where he explained what happened, it wasn’t due to being too easy of a password. He practically gave it away due to downloading malicious software. He was unwise with handling it, and it probably won’t help his case with YouTube at all.

And comparing him to Nick is false equivalence. Nick has a different style of delivery and does more because he really just want to bring people along with the ride instead of just telling people about it, which is what many other people do.


Moral of the story: do not download or install things that you dont know what they are.

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More a thing of security than morality …

Up to the point that I have a machine apart, only for to try what happens if I install “insecure” apps

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