Flex your magikarp candy

Used to always ask my cousin if i should use my magikarp candy since idc for gyrados at all at all. Now with the quest im flexing.

Flexing 1K candy!

Does anyone have alotta magikarp candy lets flex! show off your huge candy!!

edit - yes i alrdy have shiny gyarados i just never power then up(never was a fan of water pokemon other than blastoise in the game)

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A lot time spent late last year farming 3 nests and not evolving any Gary’s results in this.
I don’t need to but I still keep Pinaping them.

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flexin 4K!

I have about 1800


No words for this


get on my level

Wanted to save the candy for getting a shiny magikarp but now that quests exist.

I have a lot of work to do for this quest.