[Fixed] Weather disappears

About 10 minutes ago, the weather icon in the corner vanished. Did this happen to anyone else or am I just unlucky ;-;

I have no weather icon either, it appears to be another glitch

Its not just you. I just started the game in the morning and there is no weather to be seen. Probably either an issue on niantics side, or sign of something new on the way.

What countries are you guys in? I am in UK and it is gone for me but maybe this is the new extreme weather?

I’m in London, there’s no weather here. It’s a bug, because Niantic admitted that it was a bug on their support Twitter

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Just to verify that the weather seems to be working here in CA now, where it rarely changes. But now we’re getting some rain, and it shows in the game. Does this mean the feature is fixed worldwide now?

Yes fixed now. Look out for Lotad if it’s raining. The spawned in huge number at home when we had a day of rain showers when normally at this time of year its dry and sunny.

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