Fire/Ice type event. Your thoughts?

Today Team Eevolution leaked another Pokémon GO event. It will start on 13 June and end week after. What are your thoughts? What will you want to get during that time?

If u see at the end of the article,the PoGo team says “bigger updates coming soon” thats what Im waiting.As for the event,I have a full pokedex.Id like to catch some charizards,typhlosions and maybe Lapras,but thats all

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I’ll switch to my main if we get swinubs, but…

C’mon now. This is a clear stall cause they’re not ready. They’ve basically been spreading the rumors and building the hype that gyms and legends were next. Huge flipping hype train.

And whiff.

Also, for players level 38 and higher…facepalm. we don’t care about xp ups in the slightest. After you can have no more power up buttons there really is no point whatsoever.

This game is boring me. I’m having some fun working my alt, but it’s winning. Goddamn migration gave us an Aipom nest too.

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I need cyndaquil…I rarely find them and when I do, it seems like their flee rate is higher than the others. Typhlosion is one of the few I still need. I would also like a better charizard and charmanders are even rarer than cyndaquil

I still don’t have a sneasel and have only caught two swinub, so that would be nice too. Not sure if lapras is part of it, but haven’t caught a wild lapras yet either.

I’m a little worried about this event in regards to spawns according to biomes.

During the grass event, I saw 0 change because I live in a desert biome (95% of my country [Oman, middle east] is a desert) and I ended up getting none of the increased grass spawns.

Is this type of “mistake” likely to happen again? Will I see no ice types for fear of them melting and no fire types for fear of them exploding from overheating? :stuck_out_tongue: :sunny: :desert:

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I agree they need to do something about the level cap…and yes they need to start some sort of random event. I think they should start to release 2 random pokemon every 2 weeks from all gens. Also removing 2 randomly to make them rarer. Shinies could be implemented this way. Picking 2 random pokemon already available and switching them every 2 weeks… it would keep the game fresh because we would always be anticipating the rare 2 week spawns. That wouls keep me busy while they wirk on pvp trading etc some random team rocket
shinanigans screwing with a gym or a pokestop dropping random items that could be clues to unlocking an adventure…for crying out loud niantic…give us something! !!


Completely agree that if it’s true it’s a stall. Then again, they might be saving the big legendaries event for the anniversary in July.
That said, I’d be happy. I’m still missing some of the 'mons on the list and due to several long breaks from playing because I got bored I’m still only Lv 25, so I could profit from xp boosts.
But their event formula is getting old already. I’d really like to see some events that are more creative, add different playing mechanics or involve team play, incorporate a bit of a story, anything.

Need chindaquil. 23 candies until now. 142 swinub c and 100+ sneasel c. Would love Lapras in this event. Lapras is ice…

Seems like the worst event since the New Years event IMO. I’ll only hope I manage to collect some more Lapras candy. Here’s hoping the end of this event opens the door to the gym rework (it basically has to considering the amount of time remaining).

Any EXP event is good
Still need my Skier medal gold too

Need Cyndaquill candy. That was going to be my next buddy after I finish Mareep. Hopefully now I won’t have to do that.

Agreed, hopefully that indicates the gym rework

Gym rework or even the Legendaries.Maybe both,who knows?

On topic:

I hope to be able to collect many Houndour candies so I can make my first Houndoom.

And my Skier golden medal (170/200)

And get Lapras candies so I can level up my best Lapras.

Hopefully we won’t get that many Slugma again…

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I am excited for any type of event. It increases spawns for more candies, especially dust, and any bonuses! Saving my dust to power up for the gym rework. But I hope the gym rework comes out after this event, we need something new!

Oh man, you reminded me. Slugma was spamed out during the rock event. We’ll be overrun again.

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It’s nice to see these small events being more regular. I just wish they would sprinkle in some more shinies. Keeps it interesting between big updates.

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Has anyone else seen this? Seems it is not pure double experience like a lot of people assumed.Throughout the event, you’ll receive huge XP bonuses for successfully catching Pokémon with Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws, as well as Curveballs and First Throws. Additionally, as you walk around your neighborhoods or discover new sights, you’ll earn even more XP for hatching Eggs. To help you take advantage of these awesome XP bonuses, Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop.

As it seems to me. They are “buying” themselves some time with this event ( if its real event). A week to work more on bigger events or gym update while we are busy on week event

Ok. About this. Lots of people are way too sloppy. Even online videos I’m like “how are you catching?”

Mistake. Lots of people spend too much time spinning the ball. It increases the chance of misshots and, more often, the phone/server lag screwing you over.

Instead, try this. With you index finger tip (lighter contacts is better on farther shots) trace a fish hook pattern. Come down, u turn, and fire off from center-screen, diagonal at appropriate speed. No spinning! Just the fish hook.


Getting good? Try some pro-level stuff like I do. One handed play. Rest phone holding hand so pinky is across the bottom and index along the side. With same hand thumb, fish hook that shit just like above. Can’t get the super far stuff, but most all.