Finally got this weather condition

Finally! Now to get myself a meditite and dratinis :smiley:

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I’ve had that one quite few times but not one Dratini on the Map out in my area.
Pre Gen3 release we got regular Dratini spawns at the various Water Ways and Wet Lands. There’s been heaps of discusion on my local Discord that no has seen a single Dratini/Dragonaire on our Map since Gen3 dropped.

Did you catch any? Dratini, Dragonaire…

Can’t catch what doesn’t spawn.
Like I mentioned above, there’s been no Dratini or Dragonaire spawns in my area since Gen3 dropped.

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I haven’t seen a dratini spawn since september

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Same. Before Gen 3 we had alot of dratini. Now none. Had windy weather for about 5 hours (that ive noticed) since its introduction, but not a single dragon type extra spawned.

I have noticed the same thing, even with the weather boost dragon types are still few and far between. I did catch a level 25 Dragonite tonight, unfortunately it’s IVs were terrible.