Female Eevee evolution name trick - not working

I tried 5 female eevees with the name “Sparky” ended up 3 vaporeons, 1 flareon and only 1 jolteon. Then I tried Tamao and Sakura on female eevees, all ended up vaporeon…

I haven’t tried the walking 10km and invlove during day time or night time. But has anybody tried the name trick to envole a female eevee and end up different from what you expect? It is pretty difficult to find female eevees…

Works only once for each name, so you cant do it anymore

Y O U C A N U S E N A M E S T R I C K O N L Y O N E T I M E F O R E V E R Y O F Them

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Thanks Necrozmadabest!

what about the walking distance method? i only have espeon and umbreon female left. should i just click envolve and purely based on luck now? Thanks again!

For Espeon and Umbreon there’s another way to get them.
Walk with the female Eevee as Buddy for to get 2 Candies. After this, evolving during daylight she gets an Espeon, evolving by night you get an Umbreon.
I haven’t tried it personally, but it has been published some time ago.

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Every Eeveelution can be obtained by the name method once, but it doesnt have to be the first (you can randomly evolve Eevees and the trick will still work once)
Once you’ve used up a name, you either: Have to evolve it and hope for what you want (Jolteon, Vaporeon or Flareon), or, if you want one of the Gen 2 Eeveelutions, set it as your buddy, walk 10km (get two candies), and then (while its still your buddy, do not remove him!) evolve it
If the sky is dark, it will be an Umbreon, if not, then Espeon
This can be done as many times as you wish

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It only works one time. If you are getting 2 of every eevee evolution for trading then you don’t need to- you can breed two eevee…

EDIT: this is the worst written thing I’ve ever seen

EDIT 2: so bad I will rewrite it…
The eevee evolution name trick works once. If the reason you want a male and female of all eevee evolutions is for breeding in future, there is no need as eevee can breed.

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You cant breed mons in Go

Im meaning in future we will see breeding. Many people don’t realise you can breed first stage Pokemon.

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You can breed any non-legendary non-baby Pokémon
But why not just catch those Eevee?

Did you exit the game after you gave name - before evolution?