Feeding Pokemon in the Gym and earn candies

Hello Guys,

In past I was feeding some pokemons in a gyn and suddenly I got +1 candy from a certain pokemon.

How it works?
Have it happened to you?


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My friend he fed a Snorlax and got a candy

Yes, feeding gives you a candy but drop rate is really low and from my own experience GR works best

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Sorry, what’s GR?

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Golden razzberry

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Mine was the Banana once and another with normal razzberry

anyway guys its very RNG and it’s seems rare, otherwise it will be very easy power-up.

from my own experience, roughly 1 in 25 berries gives a candy. If you’re not paying attention you’ll miss it, hence why many people don’t even know this.
I use this to get the occasional extra candy for the rare spawns.

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1/80 is official rate

I get them all of the time, but POGO keeps cutting off how many berries I can feed Pokemon.

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