Feeding berries

does anyone know how many berries you can feed in gyms , before you get the message this pokemon doesnt want anymore berries , and how long you have to wait before you can feed again


10 per 1 Pokémon


Thanks, but I was looking for a total overall it seems to be locking me from feeding berries around 100

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You can give 10 berries per Pokémon in every 30 minutes.


I give 10 berries to each Pokemon, when I get to 2cd gym after feeding 10 to each of 6 Pokemon in first gym , even though some Pokemon have zero berries they still will not eat any ,

It’s 10 per Pokémon
10 Pokemon per 30min
100 Berries per 30min is the maximum you can do before being able to do it again.
What’s weird is they made it 10 Pokémon not 12.


10 per pokemon

i.e 60 per max gym

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It has been my experience that I can feed my gym Pokémon a maximum of 10 times each making a total of 60 berries. Other trainers in the same gym can also do the same. To battle a gym for control you have to attend that gym to take it. Is it fair then that you can defend the gym from home. Also if the holders are organised they can hold the gym very easily by taking turns to feed berries. It can prove impossible to take a gym when defenders can allow you to take the Mons to the last bit and then feed a golden raspberry fully restoring every Pokémon. Battling a gym 36 times to defeat it is a huge strain on any trainers resources. I think if you have to be at the gym to capture it then the holders should also attend to defend

I didn’t know about the 30 mins thing (useful :smile: )

Taking a fully loaded gym is hard enough but to allow those defenders the ability to sit at home with their feet up defending not only their Pokémon but all the others as well. Feeding 10 berries to each Mon is grossly unfair. Especially as when organised they can feed 360 berries if they want to. To take a gym you have to battle each Mon 3 times to take the gym. 18 times battle then times that by 60 berries and that makes 180 rounds to take the gym. If we have to travel to a gym to take it. It should be the same to defend it. Defending from home requires using fake gps but as we all are told very often, that is spoofing now we all have the ability to use fake gps, perhaps that explains why many legit players keep getting bans

You forgot to times it by 6 because all 6 trainers can do the same with the Mons in residence
6 Mons x 10 berries = 60 x 6 trainers = 360 berries per 30 minutes Attackers don’t have enough resources to keep powering up waning Pokies. Every berry fed is a reset of the 18 fight sequence now that is what I call fair play NOT

numbers and ten but you can feed more if there is a certain game at exercise but usually exercise is dying by r.i.p in exercise and then being destroyed by me and my pidgeot or slowbro and then exercise is deadly by violence. sometimes my pokemon is eating fruit before it’s dead

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