Feed Pokemon Berries

Do I have to be at the gym where my pokemon is to keep feeding him berries or can I do it remotely?

You have to be at the gym to feed berries.

Ok, well that sucks if you can’t make it to a gym a few days but have lots of berries to use. Thanks.

After the Fire and Ice event, I barely have any berries left. Plenty of potions because of 2 days without gym battles though.

Just checked on my Dragonite in the gym near my house. Someone new joined the gym and fed him a berry! His CP was almost back up to full after dropping more than 500 points after being there for an hour.

It feels more like teamwork this way. I play alone but I like this aspect. No more throwing away berries but feeding gym mons.


This isn’t still an open issue for you, is it?
If so, have you tried to use the “go to gym” button when looking at the Pokemon in question in your Pokemon list?

I only feed excess berries instead of discarding them.

Berries should never be thrown away now, they are worth 20 Star Dust for each one trumped in a Gym.

You can feed them from your Pokémon screen. Tap go to gym. However, it’s best served for golden raspberries.

I use my Nanab berries exclusively to feed gyms.

I use them for gyms and for the first throw while catching a legendary.