Feebas Help & Spotlight hour

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I’m glad to have found these forums.
I started playing in March 2020 and I think pretty soon after I got the Thousand Year Slumber quest. I’ve been Stuck on step two ever since. Since I started playing I’ve caught a total of one Feebas and I need 100 candy to evolve one to proceed in the quest.
Is there any trick to finding/catching Feebas? I heard they were in 10km eggs, but I may have seen one of those since playing (I can rarely afford what I need in the shop and so usually just have the one incubator active).
If it’s true that they’re in the 10k eggs, is there any way to increase the chances the eggs i find will be 10k ones? Is that the only place you find Feebas?
I keep hoping that one of the blog posts that mention increased chances of finding certain Pokémon will mention Feebas, but I haven’t seen one yet.

My other issue is more of a suggestion I’d give to Niantic if I had their ear and I was wondering what others thought about it.
Where I live Daylight Savings Time ended about a month ago and now it gets dark pretty early. Early enough that the Tuesday Pokehour events at 6pm happen in the dark. I don’t live in a city or anywhere with lots of night lights so it makes these events a lot less doable for me. I’d love to see them move the time for them back at least an hour.
What do others think on that?

Thank you in advance for any assistance. It will be greatly appreciated!!!

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I think they removed them from the 10km egg pool. I hatched about 50 of them and nothing else. Your best bet is to set your Feebas as your buddy and walk it for candy. I think you have to walk it 20 km anyway to evolve it. Then use rare candy to finish it off.

Welcome to the forum, @HunterGo328!

For the Feebas problem, hopefully I can help you. Currently, you can get Feebas by hatching 5km Eggs, and you can find them in the wild. They are some of the rarer spawns, though. For Candy, these options may help you:

  • Catch a Feebas using a Pinap Berry for 6 Candy;
  • Hatch a Feebas from a 5km Egg (I don’t know how many Candies you can get from that);
  • Walk with Feebas as your Buddy for 1 Candy per 5 km;
  • Use Rare Candy on your Feebas;
  • Transfer a Feebas for 1 Candy;
  • Feed Feebas/Milotic in Gyms for a chance at 1 Candy;
  • Evolving a Feebas also rewards a Candy, but that will probably not help you in this case.

For me, it is also completely dark outside during Spotlight Hour. I would totally be fine with Spotlight Hour happening an hour earlier, though I don’t expect that to happen. On the other hand, for me it is not much of a problem that it is dark outside, either.

Good luck getting those Feebas Candy!

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Thank you so much for the info. I had no idea that feeding Pokémon you see in gyms has the possibility of giving you their candy. I’ve only ever given my own Pokémon in gyms candy and usually just when I had a lot of nanab berries and limited inventory space. If I ever see a feebas or Milotic in a gym I’ll make sure to feed it.
I did know about walking earning candy. I guess I could go that route, it’s just that with me only having 4 Feebas candies currently if my luck continues of never encountering any, that’s 480km. Well, at least I’ll be in better shape by then.
Thanks again!!!

Thank you for the info! Have a great day!

Hey again, I just thought of this: Could I put my one Feebas in a gym and then feed it nanab berries to get Feebas candy? It won’t be much of a gym defender, but if feeding them berries gives candy then that might be my best shot.

You could try that, but you would probably earn more candy walking it as your buddy.

I would recommend doing so, although getting Candy for berrying Gym defenders isn’t the easiest. It might take a lot of berries to get a Candy. It is worth the try for sure.

Feebas tends to be found near water. Sea, creeks, channels, wetlands or dams.
If you have areas like that you can try your luck catching another so you can walk one and put others in Gyms for Berry feeding. Don’t worry about it being a poor defender as everything in a gym is an easy take down if you understand type weakness. Even a 100% L40 Blissey is easy.