Favorite Pokemon

You can post screenshots of your favorite pokemon in Pokemon Go here either caught or picture of them doing funny things while you are capturing them. Have fun! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Rayquaza isn’t in the game, so just look at my profile picture

Raquaza is really cool. Hopefully he/she will be in the game after Kyogre.

My favorite in game is Lapras. was really mad when the nerfed her tho. But I have a 2200 one so im not that mad.

They nerfed Lapras? Also my fave Mon is Garchomp (or Ultra Necrozma if you include forms)

Lapras was nerfed nearly a year ago, in January I think.

Lapras used to have a max cp of 3000. Now its max cp is 2600.

Gliscor is in gen IV so I can’t take a screenshoot :frowning:

Wasnt that just a change in the calculations?

Yes, but Lapras was special because in the original CP adjustment wave Lapras wasn’t affected at all and remained the same. Therefore, he received a special nerf a month later. This same nerf is the kind that’s now been used on MewTwo and Slaking

Oh, so including speed didnt change much so they gave him the usual 9% nerf?

Yes, the first Pokemon to get the 9% nerf. I believe for Lapras it might have been slightly higher, maybe 10 or 11% but i’m not sure on the exact number

His HP is the same tho, you sure it wasnt just the speed stats? Lapras is quite slow after all

As far as I know, the Attack stat was the main one affected, since attack is used the most for determining CP

But those nerf affect every single stat, speed matters only in defense and attack

As I said, i’m not an expert on the matter so there’s only so much I know and understand. What stats were actually affected is not something I know

Tauros. And I’m in the UK. Damn.

Mine has been Ivy since the late 90’s. Love the GO animation they did.

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Typhlosion because it reminds me of an Otter, I like Otters.

Quite sure they didnt make any animations tho