Fast TM on Dragonite or Machamp

I have a dragonite with steel wing/dragon pulse, which is old movesets I believe.
I have a fast TM, so if I use it on dragonite will i get dragon tail or breath, both of which are better than steel wing right?

I also have a Machamp with Bullet punch/Dynamic punch.
If i use fast TM on him i’ll get counter for sure is it wil change and there’s only 1 other choice.

I feel like Machamp give better return as it will take him to the 100% moveset.
Then again my Dragonite could sorely do with a little boost.


I would do the mechamp first since it is such a good counter to so many Pokémon.

I would also take into account the IVs of both. If it was a 98% dragonite and a 82% mechamp it would make the choice easy to use the TM on dragonite.


Good point, Dargonite is 60, Machamp is 89, so I gues that solves that.

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Dont forget that your dragonite could be rather valuable once trading occurs as legacy movesets are no longer available.