Fast TM & Charged TM impacts on IV

So, being trying to get my head around this.

I understand this

Fast TM = Teaches your Pokémon a new random Fast Move
Charged TM = Teaches your Pokémon a new random Charged Move

What I’m trying to work out is how these impact the ratings of your Pokemon when you usng an external IV checker e.g.

Dragonite 60 CD
Vaporeon 80 AB

I think the letters they use are a comination of the Quick and Charge moves. E.g. if I rerolled the Dragonite quick move, I might get something better and have say Dragonite 60 BC as the change impacts both attack and defence. I think this is right, am I right?

The move does not affect the individual vales (IV) for your Pokémon. The IVs are set and can’t be changed.

Yep, I know the physical value won’t change e.g. 60 in terms of the Dragonite, but the CD value will change depending on which TM I use I think?